Library Update

New items in the Library!

New Books!

In addition to pulling all of our winter and Christmas books so that they are easily accessible for everyone, I have cataloged a new batch of books. See the gallery below.

A Great Christmas Book Study for 4 or 5th Graders

The Light at Tern Rock

by: Julia Sauer (AR level 4.8/ 16 copies available between both campuses + Teacher's Guide)

Newberry Honor Book

A vacation in the isolated lighthouse of Tern Rock provides a novel change for young Ronnie until he is faced with the prospect of spending Christmas in its cramped quarters.

Felt Board & Roll a Tree Centers

As a new center, I've added a felt board with holiday themed felt pieces. It's been a hit so far. I've enjoyed seeing the winter wonderland scenes the kids create. It's a great sensory activity.

Also, we have a new game called Roll a Tree. The kids roll the dice to get pom poms and use them to decorate a tree. It's more of an activity for the younger ones, but I've spotted a few older ones enjoying a round or two.

Make Christmas Cards in Your Classroom

You provide the time and place, and I'll provide the instruction and materials!

Using Robert Sabuda's method of pop-ups, I will teach your class how to make their very own special pop-up holiday card.

For reference, check out the Sabuda books on my desk in the library.
The Night Before Christmas

Our Snowflakes are Growing!

The pipe-cleaner snowflakes suspended in borax-laced water are slowly growing crystals. Make sure your class gets the chance to observe and chart the changes over the next couple of weeks.