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Team Glowing Stones

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Friday, March 13th, 2015

This week we've had one sole focus simple reason - to check in and be sure your customers are 100% satisfied with their accessories.

Why did we focus on this? Yes - this shows that you provide excellent customer service! Your customers are sure to be wowed by the extra touch and come back to you as their stylist of choice and your business will grow leaps and bounds because of it.

But want to know a secret? That wasn't the real goal of this challenge. The real goal was to help us take one small step that will eventually change our business - to get rid of our fear of the phone! I don't know anyone that looks forward to picking up the phone to book shows or follow up, but I do know this - it is so much more effective than spending your time messaging or texting. When you can embrace the phone, your business will change.

And again - it all starts with your mindset. Get that mantra out, blast your favorite pump-me-up song, and then pick up the phone and get to business! I'm extending our Customer Care Call Challenge through this Sunday night, so when you complete all 50 calls be sure to post on our team Facebook page. ONE lucky lady who does will win the brand spanking new Getaway bag from me! :)

It's so crucial that we're comfortable picking up the phone because next week you are going to want to keep this newly formed habit in your back pocket as we have some crazy March Madness with our bookings!

Anyone up for a team vs team throw down? (With some crazy hashtagging thrown in, of course?) Good. Winners get bragging rights and of course fun bling too. :)

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Who overcame her fears? THIS GIRL!!!

I am still beaming with pride over our very own Kristen DeMarino and the courage she mustered up this week. Kristen was one of the very last people to commit to our Customer Care Call Challenge - in fact, she didn't agree until both Jess Silberzahn and I called her out on it! Why? Because she was admittedly petrified of the phone! Kristen says she doesn't even like using the phone to call family and friends - let alone customers. But instead of shying away from what we were asking her to do, she rose to the challenge. She created the image above as a motivator and tracker for her calls - each letter stood for one call she needed to make and she underlined it when she completed the call.'s pretty obvious to see what she accomplished. Kristen was the very first Glowing Stone to call 50 customers herself! How awesome is that?!!! The girl was the biggest fear of the phone is the girl who made it happen first. That's what I call some serious bravery! Even better - she's not stopping here. Kristen's new practice is going to be to call each customer to follow up with them after an order, and she admits that with each call the phone became easier and easier to pick up.

Kris - I'm not sure if you know how amazing we all think you are - but I hope you realize it soon! Way to show us all that fear is nothing when your brave is so big. I am so proud of you!

Top in sales for the week!

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As I type this, Glowing Stones Denise Talley & Deb Donovan are cozying up with VP of Training Danielle Redner at Welcome to Leadership training in Stamford, CT. Way to represent girls!

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HOOPLA: 7/16-7/18 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

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Then SAVE THE DATE for this business changing conference! Registration details coming soon. If you're considering coming, email me and I'll add you to our secret FB group for all things Hoopla! :)

I can't wait!!!

Krista Demcher: Senior Director, The Glowing Stones