Halo Smart's Advisory Newsletter

Halo's Middle College Updates

Spring 2015 Classes

Your students have now been scheduled into their Spring semester classes. I notified you all via email and asked that you confirm their schedules for next semester. Thank you to those of you who met with me and or confirmed your student's schedules. If you have yet to do this, please have your students show you their schedule using their websmart account or their advisory folder in google drive.

When scheduling students we are working on several goals:

a) meeting high school graduation requirements.

b) meeting A-G requirements to meet college admissions guidelines.

c) taking classes that transfer to UC and CSU.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your student's schedule.

College Applications!

Seniors….see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As you may know, seniors have been working diligently to apply for University. The CSU and UC deadlines have passed, but students are still working to complete the common application for private universities. In CCR students are receiving guidance and support on their essays and applications.

Class updates:


CCR: Students are finishing research on career interests and have one more "they say, I say essay".

U.S.History: Students are studying the U.S. rise to a global power and involvement in WWI.

English: Students are reading the The Great Gatspy


CCR: Students are working on Financial aid / scholarship applications.

Economics: Students are studying Fiscal & Monetary policy.

English: Students are reading and studying Hand Mades Tale.

Winter Break Schedule:

Here are key dates for the end of this semester:

December 12th: Last day of instruction Middle College & Cañada College

December 13-19: Final exams

Here is a link to the exam schedule.

Here are links to academic calendars for the year--note they differ from Sequoia district calendars:

Cañada's calendar

Middle College calendar

Next semester we will return to Middle College classes on January 12th. Classes will meet from 10:30-1:10pm that first week.

College classes begin January 22nd and Middle College regular class times return 12:30-3:10pm.