F. Scott Fitzgerald

A writer and voice for the 1920's Jazz Age.

Fitzgerald's Biography

Fitzgerald was a writer in the 1920's that wrote about cultures and lifestyle's of the 1920's. His first book published was The Romantic Egoist, an autobiography about surviving World War 1. It got massive attention from the public and he became a public figure and was admired for being so young and being able to write such a book. Before he was in the war he was a Princeton student and that is where he found his love of the literary arts. Fitzgerald would later on meet the Supreme Court Judge of Alabama's daughter and fall in love with her, her name was Zelda Sayre. Zelda's father didn't agree with their relationship and when Fitzgerald asked Zelda's father for Zelda's hand in marriage, he refused. F. Scott disregarded her father's notion and went to New York with Zelda and a week into living in New York they got married. The two were young celebrities and were named one of America's most romantic and tragic love story ever told. F. Scott became a short story teller for many magazines and wrote over 160 stories. He then decided to write another book called The Romantic and the Damned in 1922, but it did not receive the reaction he was hoping for, due to it being inspired by his drunken ways when he lived in Connecticut. Fitzgerald became fixated on his book not doing well so he decided to take a trip to Europe where Zelda had his first child, Frances Scott Fitzgerald. To support his family he wrote a play called The Vegetable and moved back to New York to be closer to Broadway, but it didn't do well in Broadway and Fitzgerald was again frustrated with the people not appreciating his work, so he moved back to Europe to reside with his family. As a final rendition to his writing days, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby which later made him incredibly famous, but only after he was dead. At the time he was alive it again did not get the credit he was due, so he became upset at his works again. Only when it was 1950's did it finally get recognition for it being a incredible representation of the 1920's, even now do high school students read the book.

Impact on the 1920's

F. Scott Fitzgerald made a clear impact on the 1920's. He was a young writer and inspired many young kids to write, even with some of his books struggling with positive feedback or sales. When people are asked to think of a book to represent the 1920's, people think of his book The Great Gatsby. Even though many will argue it isn't accurate, it's still a great read. It even inspired two highly-liked films based off the novel.
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