John Adams

By: Carlos Prado

Early life

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts. At age 16, Adams earned a scholarship to attend Harvard University. . After graduating in 1755, at age 20, Adams studied law in the office of John Putnam, a prominent lawyer, despite his father's wish for him to enter the ministry. In 1758, he earned a master's degree from Harvard and was admitted to the bar.

Early Career

At first, John Adams was a teacher for a year until he realized teaching wasn't suitable for him. Instead he became a law student. At a young age, Adams developed a habit of writing descriptions of events and impressions of men. He put his skill to a good use as a lawyer, he recorded the case so he can reflect on it in the future.


John Adams was the first Vice President and the second president of the United states. The biggest thing he did while in office was keep the U.S. out of war, but since the people did want to go to war, he lost the second election.

Events that Adams took place in.


John Adams after his precidency he settled down with his wife and kids. He still sent advice to other people through letters and such.