Cyber Monday 2013

“Cyber Monday” Creates Opportunities for Consumers and Retailers


Cyber Monday” Creates Opportunities for Consumers and Retailers

USA (September 9, 2013) – Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been the biggest shopping day of the year. Technology, and the advent of the Internet, has extended that shopping frenzy into the first workday after the four-day Thanksgiving holiday.

Cyber Monday, the day most people return to work after Thanksgiving – and return high speed Internet access – has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year because of the convenience of shopping online. Every year, millions of consumers flood the Internet to take advantage convenient online shopping and retailers have responded. Now, it is common and expected that online retailers offer specials to this wave of online shoppers.

Now, there is an online resource to help shoppers make the most of this new holiday-shopping tradition. Simply point your browser to to get the information you need to be part of history.

Cyber Monday 2013 has the potential to be one of the biggest shopping days in history because of two factors. First, an improving economy means consumers have more money to spend. Moreover, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, shoppers do not even have to be at traditional desktop or laptop computer to take advantage of online shopping.

Online retailers have taken note, grabbing those shoppers who missed sales on Black Friday or who did not want to fight the crowds at traditional “brick-and-mortar” stores. Online shopping may be planting the seeds for Cyber Monday 2013 to be far-and-away the day of greatest economic activity.

Consumers are smart; they know the plusses that come with online shopping, include:

  • It’s quicker and saves on gas and energy

  • You can shop from anywhere

  • Delivery to your front door

  • You don’t need to hire a sitter

  • Comparing prices is easier online

  • You can shop in your PJs or your lucky shirt with more holes that Swiss cheese;

  • You don’t need to leave work

  • You avoid the crowds

  • You avoid fighting over who saw it first and

  • You avoid the risk of being trampled (every year we see stories of shoppers injured in mad dashes to limited time offers.

For both shoppers and retailers, Cyber Monday 2013 offers advantages like no other traditional shopping day ever. Be ready for the event!

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