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Horrible SEO Mistakes to Look While Website Building

Search Engine Optimization or Simply SEO is the set of practices or tricks practiced by Web-masters and Bloggers to rank their website/blogs higher in search engine result pages. Like any other thing on the Internet, there are equal number of ways to do Optimization in the right ( white hat ) or the wrong ( black hat ) ways. It needs no mention that black hat techniques only yield results on a short term basis, however those who practice the white hat form get results for a prolonged period of time.

In their early phase, a lot of webmasters tend to make mistakes in optimizing their websites/blogs. There are several affordable SEO Specialist Company India in India that audit your website and let you know of your mistakes. But if you don’t wish to spend your money on this audits ( although they don’t cost much ) you can try figuring out your mistakes on your own. It won’t require you to be an Expert, you just need to have keen passion and strong observation sense. So that you don’t fail, we have mentioned some Crucial Mistakes that’ll prevent you from failing in Pitfall.

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1 . Not Using Analytics

If you don’t use a analytics tool to monitor your traffic stats, you are making a blunt mistake. You should always be monitoring your stats and figures. This lets you know whether your strategies are working or not. There are several paid and as well as Free analytics tool which you can put into use and benefit from. However the two most suggested Analytics tool are Google Analytics and Hotjar. Google analytics lets you monitor tons of stats of your website and is available free of cost. On the Other hand, Hotjar is paid alternative with even advanced features.

2. Not Optimizing for the right Keywords

You must be cautious with the type of keywords you are trying to rank. There are several types of Keywords and are divided into four different categories based on different factors. The keyword types are as follows and should be kept in mind before attempting to rank for. It would a big mistake to target

· Global Keywords , If your aim is to provide services to local businesses

· Generic Keywords, these bring in visitors who have no interest or relation to what ever you have to offer.

· Keywords that bring readers and customers. These type of keywords might be successful in bringing traffic, but will fail in generating leads.

· Broad Keywords are ones that have tons of competition and might be several SEO Experts who are trying to rank for it consistently.

3. Not Using Unique Meta Tags

I get dam stuck when I sometimes land upon a Business Website with the same name of each and every page of their website. It is a major mistake. Not only from SEO point of view, but also from user experience point of view. How can you name your about, contact, services and every other page to be your company name ?

It won’t increase your Brand Exposure, but instead will hurt your rankings.

You Should try to use separate Meta tags for each page. To be clear, I am talking about the <title> and <description> meta tags which are embedded in the <head> section of the website to indicate search Engines as of what the page is all about.

Naming pages differently or using different titles also affects user experience. Your readers or users will know what page they are on. Even they have opened another tab, they won’t be confused about what page they have opened in your website.

4. Producing SEO Toned Content

Most of the Search Engine Optimization Experts focus on writing content purely for search engines instead for end users. Whatever you are producing, you must remember one thing, the end user is going to be a human and he/she will easily tell what is quality content and what isn’t !

So, instead write detailed and human friendly content. This will help you create readership for your blog. You can also get quality content from Tiit Solutions website development company in India and use it in your Website/Blog.


Search Engine Optimizing works in a complicated way and Google changes its algorithm every now and then. This is why you need to be cautious about your practices and keep in touch with the latest Biz in the SEO Industry.

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