HCS Student Newsletter

Important Information From Mrs. Klaehn

September 18, 2020

First Newsletter!

Dear Students,

This year, I am taking steps to increase communication between myself and students. I know we have morning announcements, which we thankfully now have covered every day, because those of you in Cohort 1 know how bad I am at that. However, I know we don't all listen to the announcements with excited anticipation.

So, here is your first newsletter; you can expect them monthly.

I will end by saying that I am so very happy (and so are your teachers) to have the majority of you back here in the building. HCS is not the same without you in it!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Klaehn

Google Meet Expectations

There are 2 slides here, which I hope you will review. This is important for our 100% Remote learners, but also for our students who occasionally need to jump on to a lesson's Google Meet. It's also important to remember that, if we have to go 100% Remote again sometime this school year (we certainly don't want to, but we need to be prepared), the expectation will be that students are attending Google Meets and participating. We currently have, and will continue to have, traditional grading, and participation and work count!

Google Meets and Attendance

If you are a 100% Remote learner, you need to be logging in to your Google Meets during your class period for your assigned Cohort day. If you are not doing this, you will be marked absent.

Student Email & Tech Support

All students have email addresses. In PE, you ran a "test" of your email. Please make sure that you can both send and receive messages. Choose a teacher and give it a try! If you cannot, please let our Tech Support know.

You can find tech support by going to the district website, accessing the header for "Instruction and Technology" on the right side of the page, choosing "Instructional Technology", and then "Tech Help". You will see the page below when you click "Tech Help", and will be directed to fill out a form or request device repair by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Thanks for helping us to better help you!

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Counselor Corner

From Mrs. VanLare

  • Deadline for schedule changes is 9/23
  • Be on the lookout for Virtual College Visits Thursdays...coming soon!

Reach out to your counselors any time via email:

Mr. Carrier

Mrs. VanLare

Student Drivers...PARK IN THE "S" SPACES!

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The above photo shows the "S" for "student" spaces in the parking lot. These are the ONLY spaces that students should be parking in. We are working to assign numbers, and the Senior Class Advisors are working on a Paint Your Parking Space event. Stay tuned.

Thank you, in advance, for parking in STUDENT spots!

Student Support

If you need support of any kind, whether social/emotional, academic, or with meeting basic needs, you can ask anyone in the building to point you in the right direction.

Please take a moment to fill out this form to help us identify support systems for students.

True BLUE Bulldogs

Last year, we started tracking our True BLUE Bulldogs at HCS. When you are "caught" showing bravery, leadership, understanding, or empathy, your teachers & classmates will let me know, and I'll add your name to a paw outside the office and send a note home!

Teacher of the Month

In your October newsletter, you will receive a form to nominate a middle school and a high school Teacher of the Month. Start thinking of your nominees now, and be on the lookout for that in the next newsletter!
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One of the things that was stressful to us when we were preparing for the start of the year was how students would react to the many changes and guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not surprised by your patience and your level understanding. After all, you are the best students EVER, but I am grateful. Keep being awesome, Bulldogs!