A Picture of Calvary

A VCCS Highschool Dramatic Easter Musical Presentation!!

Keeping it Local...

I secretly love musicals-- Greece, Annie, 5 Heartbeats, Cadillac Records, Dream Girls, etc. Unfortunately, they only way I had ever experienced on was through a movie screen. So when I heard that the High Schools Students of Victory Christian Schools was doing a musical of the dramatization of Calvary, I figured, "What better way to experience a "first" by supporting my local Christian school family?" Also, with it being so close to Easter, I thought that this production would be a great start to reflect on what Jesus did for us. I must say, I was really in for a treat!

Oh What a Night!

I must say that I was very proud of the VCCS students. The performing arts department is new to the arts program in this school and it is flourishing well. The crowd was lured into the production by the overture that let the audience know it was time to begin. In this program, the students each gave a personal depiction of a specific character that was in the Bible-- in relation to the death burial and resurrection. For example, you had someone do a musical depiction of Mary, Pilot, and even the soldiers that guarded the tomb. When viewing this production, it made me think of the Baroque era, where the church used music to convey teachings of the church. The were homophonic performances of the students were accompanied by musical tracks, a band, or piano. I notice how some student had to recite lines, speaking as if they were singing. In the text it is called a "recitative" selection. There were several duets as well.

The overall production of Cavalry was excellent. The students were passionate in their roles and collaborated well within their musical selections. At the end, all of the actors/actress came together for a ending selection. The aria in this performance flowed and fit well. It was good to see the students bringing forth a good message in such a creative way!