Drones and Their Uses

The Future is Now!

My BIG Question: Do drones have other uses besides their use as a hobby?

Drones do have other uses. Drones are used in the military, agriculture, firefighting, search and rescue, mapping, hurricane hunting, protecting wildlife, public safety, exploration, and medical emergencies. (Brain Handwerk) Drones perform specific duties in these categories that help us in many ways. For example, if a drone was firefighting they could be spraying gallons of water on the fire. They could also be survalencing the area to help firefighters adress the situation correctly. (5 Drone Technologies for Firefighting) These simple duties that drones perform can benefit us in many ways.

Do Drones Have a Restrictions?

Yes, drones do have some restrictions. Most of these restrictions have to do with the public's safety around drones. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires that the public fly drones below 400 feet, not fly them by stadiums or people, fly drones that weighs less than 55lbs, to keep well clear of and not interfer with manned aircrafts, etc. People who want to exceed beyond the rules have to have the FAA's authorization before flying. If people don't follow these restrictions without authorization they could be severly fined. (FAA)

How Much do Drones Cost?

Drone cost varies, it all depends on your purpose on using a drone. If you want a toy-class drone to fool around with; these drones cost as little as $80. If you are serious about drones and the videography; these drones can cost around $1,000. If you are looking into buying a reasearch drone these can cost around $5,000. Even though they're expensive, they come with cool features like a pressure sensor, colored camera, and different sonars. (DroneLife)

My Opinion Now

Before researching, I thought drones were flying robots that were used for hobby purposes, for taking cool pictures, and for streaming video. Instead, after researching I learned that drones aren't just used for hobby use. Drones can be used to perform many tasks in different situations that are unknown to most people. These jobs that aren't recognized by people have a big impact on us. The simple duties save lives, protect our country, and boost our country's economy. I think drones are useful pieces of technology that bring certain benefits that impact our country dramatically.