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Oh Why Betty Blue

Betty Blue lost a shoe in the morning maybe at the zoo, but there was no luck at the zoo. So Betty Blue went on a walk with only just one shoe trying to look for the other too. Oh where, oh where, could that shoe be? “I'm going to be late for school if I can't find my stupid shoe,”she told the news.

Betty told the news, “I need my shoe for a perfect day.” Now she has a picture on every corner in town of her special shoe. She said to the news, “If anyone finds my shoe, give it to me, Betty Blue.”

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About Eve Arden

Have you ever heard about Eve Arden? If you haven't, I will tell you about her. I know know some things about her. Eve Arden did play in old shows that she was great in. She has three children named Liza, Connie, and Duncan. Eve Arden had a long-life friend when she did the show called Falcon Crest, which her friend’s name was Jane Wyman. She became a great actress because she was taught by a great mentor and friend Gloria McMillan. When she was growing up, she never knew that her two friends Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan would become presidents. She was a big hit when she did “Our Miss Brooks” which was in 1952.

Eve Arden was in a book called "Funny Ladies" by Stephen
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Rush Hour

In Rush Hour, Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter are back! But this time they're now in Hong Kong on a vacation. However, soon they arrive, a bomb explodes in the American Embassy. Inspector Lee is assigned to the case, which becomes personal when it is discovered that the man behind it is Ricky Tan, Lee's father's former partner. Tan, who played an instrumental role in his father's death, is now the leader of the Triads, the most deadly gang in all of China. The American and Hong Kong authorities soon get into a fight over the jurisdiction of the case. Lee learns that Ricky Tan will be attending a dinner party on his boat. When confronted, Tan claims that someone is trying to frame him. Tan's underling, Hu Li, appears and shoots Tan, and he falls off the boat. In the chaos, Hu Li escapes into a sewer and emerges in downtown Las Vegas, but Carter and Lee are forced to be sent back to Los Angeles. But later in Las Vegas, at the Red Dragon Casino, Lee has been framed when Ricky Tan faked his death and is now still alive, but Hu Li places a small bomb in his mouth and gags him. Will Carter save him while he still makes a big commotion and distracts the security force? Carter said to Lee, “I'm going to help you brother.”

Lee yelled, “You're not my brother. I told you that so many times that I'm not, so stop calling me that and go away now.”

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Computer Game

Agar.io is a multiplayer action game created by Matheus Valadares. Your goal is to control a cell which is also called a petri dish. Whatever color you have when you control the cell, you have to collect the little circles to make your cell bigger. When you start out, you are a small cell and then when you collect your color cells you get bigger, but when you get big and you see another little cell, you can kill it because you are bigger then that little cell. You can only do it when you have a big cell. In Agar.io you have to watch out for the other people’s big cells becaue they can gobble you up, and then you would have to start all over. The way to avoid it, is to click away from the bigger cell or make two cells by pressing the spacebar, so that when they try to gobble you up, they will gobble up your second cell and not you! That’s how you play Agr.io.

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Super Falcon

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