Works Progress Administration

WPA creating jobs everyday!

What Did Our Agency Do?

The WPA employed over 8.5 million people to things like building bridges,roads,public parks, and airports. This administration also helped the arts by funding plays and other forms of art. This provided temporary financial aid and increased the purchasing power of the recently unemployed.

What Are The WPA's Accomplishments?

The WPA helped with the employment of 3 million out of 10 million Americans in the first two years it was created. The arts were also greatly helped out with the creation of 2,566 murals and 17,744 sculptures. The main accomplishment was the decrease in unemployment rate and the overall welfare of the United States citizens.

Who does the WPA serve or Help?

The WPA helps mainly the unemployed, but the administration also helped many artist of the period by funding plays and other forms of art like paintings and sculptures. Men were helped a lot more than women. Even though the administration started out equal only 13.5% of the employed were women