May 13, 2016

DARE Graduation and Other Reminders

  • Dare Graduation will take place on Friday, May 20th from 9:30-10:30 AM. Please have your son/daughter wear a RED shirt. I hope to see you there!

  • May 18th- Wear your college gear
  • May 23rd- Crazy Hair Day
  • May 24th- Morning Recess
  • May 25th- Puzzle Day
  • May 26th- Capture the Flag/ Board Games if Raining
  • May 27th- Board Games/Capture the Flag (rain date)
  • May 30th- No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 31st- Hat Day and Snack Outside
  • June 1- Read and Relax Day (Bring your favorite non-chapter book to read to someone)
  • June 2- Fun Fest Practice Run
  • June 3- Last Day of School: Fun Fest, Yearbook Signing, Movie

Literacy and Language Arts

This Week's Reading

Main Text: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Genre: Novel

Paired Text: The Sea Battle

Genre: Drama

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect, Summarize

Writing: Opinion Pieces


  • telephone
  • graphic
  • thermometer
  • photographer
  • centimeter
  • paragraph
  • telescope
  • diameter
  • photocopy
  • speedometer
  • telegraph
  • millimeter
  • autograph
  • television
  • barometer
  • telecommute
  • pedometer
  • phonograph
  • kilometer
  • telephoto
  • telecommunication
  • autobiography
  • calligraphy
  • odometer
  • photosynthesis

Vocab for Next Week (Yes, I get almost a full week of teaching.)

  • economic
  • overrun
  • vacant
  • independence
  • scrawled


Customary Conversions

Reviewed: Customary Conversions of length and capacity
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