Locks of Love (National)

Madonna Coffman

What Madonna Coffman Did To Help The Community.

When people had to get all their hair cut off Madonna made Locks of Love. When Locks of Love heard a kid lost their hair they would bring them a wig and the kids feel happy, good about them self's, and confident.

How Did Locks Of Love Help?

It helps people how didn't have hair. Locks of Love donated wigs to them because they heard about the people. They only give people who are under 21 hair to bring joy to them again.http://www.locksoflove.org

Background Infomation

Madonna started Locks of Love because , when she was 20 she got alopecia. 3 years later her daughter had the same so she Locks of Love. Locks of Love and herself represents children and people under 21 if they are suffering from hair loss. http://www.locksoflove.org/history.htm
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What Can I Do?

What I can do to help the community. I can go to different lakes, oceans, and rivers and pick up garbage and help animals that are hurt, weak, or sick. Also could start my own donation box for kids who are in the hospital to donate toys or coloring books etc. I could volunteer at homeless shelters and animals shelters. Help collect money for MS and donate to any kind of shelter. Also I could cut the lawn for people for free. go to parks and pick up garbage and throw them away. I could shovel driveways. I can babysit. I could donate hats to Heavenly Hats.