Awesome Places to Visit in Georgia

Get Top Awesome Places to Visit in Georgia

Get Top Awesome Places to Visit in Georgia

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In Georgia, there are a number of beautiful places to visit. Georgia is known for technology as well as for its rural attraction. It is one of the top travel destinations which always welcomes you with open arms. There are also a number of fun things that you can do in Georgia. You can not leave Georgia without finding a place that you would want to go back again to experience its miracle. Here are some of the beautiful places to visit that attracts lots of people in Georgia:

Museums in Georgia

There are a number of museums in Georgia. Georgia Museum of Art is a fine art museum. The High Museum of Art is one of the best art museum which is enameled in porcelain. This museum is opened every day which makes it very easy to plan for visiting there. You can select a day that is much more comfortable to you. Morris Museum of Art is also there. The museum of art in Georgia have great work and which ever you decide to visit, you will always be sure to see amazing things shown.You will also find the World of Coca-Cola museum in Georgia.This museum gives the history of the Coca-cola soft drink and also gives people who visit this place an opportunity to taste coca cola from different countries.

Atlanta Zoo

The next place where you should visit is the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia. This zoo is opened all days in a week. It has some wild animals as well as species to see. Unfortunately, the zoo is closed during night time and hence you should visit here only during the day. Atlanta zoo is located in Grant Park. This park itself has many other eye-catching things that you can see. You can go to the Confederate Fort Walker as well as Cyclorama painting. There has cylindrical painting inside Cyclorama painting. Actually, it has one of the biggest oil paintings in the entire world. Here, people sit down to see the paintings which rotate. The painting tries to illustrate the fighting that was in between the confederate and the union arm. There are also a number of events occur in Georgia. Events in Georgia are known for their fun environment, best food, shopping, enjoyment, and activities.

Stone Mountain

In Georgia, Stone Mountain is also one of the best places to go. This place attracts most of the people. There are approximately forty-five minutes for climbing the mountain. There is also a cable car that takes up for those people who do not want to climb but yet want to see the carvings which were made on their cliff face.

Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Georgia Aquarium is also a place that you should not leave out in your list of places to visit in Georgia. It is the biggest aquarium in the entire world. It has more than five-hundred species from all over the world. Here, you can go with your friends and have lots of fun looking at the animals. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is also one of the places where you can go to see the very pretty gardens.

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