Tornado Safety Tips

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House With Basement - Avoid windows. Go to the basement and get under some kind of sturdy protection like a heavy table.

House With No Basement, Dorm or Apartment - Go to the lowest floor, small center room or interior hallway with no windows. Then crouch down and cover your head.

Hospital Or Office Building - Go to a windowless area in the center of the building. Then crouch down and cover your head.

Mobile Home - GET OUT! Even if it is tied down it is not safe go to a sturdy building or an underground shelter.

School - Follow the drill and do what your told. Once there crouch face down and cover your head.

Car Or Truck - EXTREMELY RISKY! If possible take refuge in a near by shelter. If you are caught by high winds or debris, leave seat belt on. Cover your head with your hand and pace it below the windows, if possible cover yourself with coat, blanket, or cushion.

Outdoors - If possible seek shelter in nearby building. If not, get away from trees and cars they may hit you in a tornado and lie face down on low ground and protect your head with your arms.