Abolish Testing

by: Ryan Kinder

The Truth Behind Testing

Testing in general is not an accurate gauge of intelligence. It is mainly in place only so the state and the schools can grade their teachers on their teaching skills. Some would argue that the out dated notion of testing is so they can find out whether or not the students have a firm grasp on the subject being taught. The facts to this matter is that this system does not for all the students taking these ill-begotten tests.

The Anxiety

Many students in todays society have testing anxiety which causes them to do poorly and more often than not, fail their tests. This one flaw causes the intelligence of these children to masked by the inferior system of testing. This masked intelligence will never be realized because colleges and jobs rely on these test scores to gauge your compatibility with their position. Sadly, if you have testing anxiety you can be left in the dust by these things leaving you will only minimal choices.

Use Your Resources

Why should we have to memorize facts for tests? I honestly can not give you an answer for that one. But what I can say is that we shouldn't have tests, let alone tests like these in todays modern world. The technology of today has advanced to the point where we can just look up anything. This ability has caused the idea of memorizing materials to be obsolete. It doesn't matter if we know things off the tops of our heads, when we have the power to simply look it up online.


Testing is actually promoting cheating. Everything in school is based off of test scores. Kids who fear doing poorly on a test are often pushed to such things as cheating. This bad behavior can evolve into worse actions in the future because testing has shown them that they can go outside the boundaries to get what they want without fear of failing.


Testing is absurd for teachers to use. It gives them more work that is completely unnecessary. The use of testing can harm a teachers reputation when their students fall into one of the paragraphs listed above. The outdated system of testing is not only hurting students but also the teachers.