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January 30-Feb 3, 2017

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from J-

Since our return from winter break, I've hit a wall of not getting, or at least feeling, like I'm getting things done, or even moving them forward. Recently, I came across Lolly Daskal's 8 Ways People Really Mess Up Their Goal Setting. One point that stood out to me was #2: Trying to do everything and ending up doing nothing. When the focus of your goal is too broad, nothing gets your attention. It’s easy to move from one thing to another with no progress. When you attempt too much you end up not achieving anything at all. For this next rounding, we are going to talk about where your focus is, and how specific it is. I'm looking to learn how I can focus greater on serving the work you are driving at your site. Part of the conversation will include identifying if your focus now was the same as when the year started, or if it has changed. If it as evolved, why? If it has evolved, what is the impact on your learning, staff learning, and student learning?

Also, for this round, I would like to visit as many 4th and 5th grade classrooms as possible. I'm looking forward to learning from you, teachers and students what is working and what are next steps around these grade levels.

By Monday (end-of-day) you will be getting an email from me concerning your site specific projections. As you are aware, this is not an exact science, but we get it fairly close. I use a number of parameters to drive this, with the #1 rule of thumb being FTE follows the students. The great unknown is how many incoming kindergarten students will enroll. As we are prepping to post known internal openings on Wednesday, Feb 1, I will ask you give input (do you see what I see) as soon as possible - within 24 hours. If I do not get a reply from you, I will be assuming you are on board with it (please know I hate to assume...).

As we finish January, thank you for your work and effort toward making 2017 a great year for all you serve. The Springfield community is truly blessed for the leaders that they have in you.

“De-Escalating Power Struggles In The Classroom”

This is related to a Leadership Series that Stephanie Davision, with Phyllis & J, have been hosting. Be watching for this Leadership Series to continue next year if you didn't participate in it this year.

from Bret-

Delta Team met this week and the agenda is here. Please connect with your feeder pattern rep for details.

During my site visits around Standard 3, I picked up this form that I thought I would share. A colleague uses it for teachers to request supplies.

My next round of site visits will focus on data collection around administrator standards 4, 5, and 6.

In our planning for the February Elementary Learning meeting, our presenters will be Stephanie Young (Cohort and Growth Teams Professional Learning), Courtney Martin (Bullying Updates and Review Meetings), and Stacye Manlove (Student Mentoring Program).

Personalized Learning in a Traditional System? more schools, districts, states and even the federal government begin to embrace the idea, personalized learning is coming into conflict with an older movement in American education: standards-based accountability.

100th Day of School coming - Don't bug the principal

100th Day of School...