Its A Maine Thing

History of Maine

The territory that is now Maine there were Algonquian speaking Wabanaki peoples including the Abenaki, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Penobsoct. The first European settlement was in 1604 on Saint Croix Island by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons and including Samuel de Champlain. The first English settlement was established by the Plymouth Company at Popham in 1607. Two Jesuit missions were established by the french one on Penobsoct Bay in 1609 and the other on Mount Desert Island in 1613. The same year Castine was established by Claude de La Tour. Central Maine was formerly inhabited by people of the Androscoggin Tribe , they were driven out of the area in 1690 during King William's War.

Major Subcultures

When Maine was a just a territory at first there were alot of Native Americans living in that area. But around the 1600s they were driven out by English and European settlers and now most of Maine is English and French or French-Canadian desecnt.

Weather and Geography

In Maine during the summer months it is warm and humid but during the Winter it is cold and snowy throughout the state and are severe in the northern parts of Maine. The coastal areas are moderated somewhat by the Atlantic ocean resulting in milder winters and cooler summers. Daytime highs are generally in the 75-80 F through out the sate in July. In January the highs range from 35 F. Maine is the easternmost state in the city it has unique geographical features they are Machias Seal Island and North Work. Maine has almost 230 miles of coast line.
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