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What does the word Holocaust mean?

The word Holocaust means the killing of the Jews and other populations by the Nazis and their contributers during WWII.
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Who were the people that were killed in the Holocaust?

The people that were killed were Non-German people.

Who are the Nazis?

They are German soliders that followed Adolf Hitler.
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What does the name "Nazi" stand for?

The word Nazi stand for National Socialist German Workers Party.
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What 4 factors contributed to the raise of the Nazis and Hitler?

  1. He was offered a deal for a representative
  2. He became a dictor
  3. They took the civial rights and boycotted the German jobs.
  4. They had a large army and invaded France and they won the war.
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Who were the SS?

They are the troops that control or mantain order.
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What were the 4 main ways that Nazi's tried to control the public opinion?

  1. The use of newspaper, and make a better tech.
  2. To give prasasive speeches.
  3. They'll use antisemtic parades, and can't shop at German shop's.
  4. They are using posters