Call Of The Wild

By: Jack Landon Genre: Fiction


This book is a fiction book written by Jack Landon. It was originally published in 1903. The setting of this story is in the Yukon, and is about the Klondike Gold Rush. It is set when sled dogs are needed to help haul their things around for them. It takes the view of a dog-named Buck and his experiences during the time he is used as a sled dog.

The book starts with Buck living in a house high-end house where he can go and do what ever he wants. Then one day he gets abducted from his house and gets sold to a man who is wearing a red sweater. After the long ride to the mans house Buck is very angry at people for taking him from his house. Buck tries to attack the man, but quickly learned that if he tries things like this he will get hit with a club and he learns to obey. After he gets sold to two men named Francois and Perrault.

After this he learns the ways of the other sled dogs and how to get away with stealing food, and other things from their owners that don’t feed them enough. As he is with this sled team he gets into many fights with the Alpha dog Spitz one day they spot a snowshoe rabbit and they chase after it, and Buck took his shot to attack Spitz and become the alpha dog. All the other dogs stop and watch the fight waiting for the first to fall so they can join the fight. After a long fight Buck succeeds in breaking Spitz legs and as he goes down the other dogs jump on the opportunity and finish Spitz off. After that they all knew of him as the alpha dog of the group, and treated him well. Later when the group went to pull the sled again they tried to put a new dog at the lead of the sled and Buck rejected that and would not get close to the sled. After they had to put Buck at the lead of the sled to get him to work so they did and quickly learned that it was a good idea because he was very good at leading. Later he gets sold to a new man who also treats him well and they continue their trek to Dawson. After he had traveled 2500 miles they reach Dawson and they thought that they would be done running for a while, but three days later two men came and bought them and he was persistent to make them run that day. He harnessed the dogs, and set off. On this journey the men where very irresponsible and had no idea how to treat the dogs. He gave them three times the amount of food that he should have and after a while the dog ran out of food, and that along with the fact that they had been pushed to their limits the dogs started dying. Eventually it became spring and the men had to stop at a camp owned by John Thornton. They got there and the man persisted in them leave right away, but Buck didn’t get up he refused to run anymore. The man started to beat Buck, but then John tackled the man and made him stop hitting Buck. The man got mad and cut Buck away from the harness and urged the rest of the dogs to go. As they took off they watched them run onto a melting river and the sled went under.

Buck then started a new life with John who showed him affection. After Buck regained his strength John and his team went out to search for gold. Later after traveling for months they found a river full of gold. During the time when the men were in the river looking for gold Buck went and searched throughout the woods he learned to hunt very well and he found himself in the woods more than he was in the camp with John. One of the times he was out for almost a month and while he was hunting he found a moose that was the leader of their pack and that was what he decided he had to try to kill. He was looking at it and noticed that it already had an arrow sticking out of it. For three days he did not let the moose move for anything and every time the moose went to lie down he would bite it and make it stand back up. Around this time the moose started to droop its head lower and lower Buck took this chance and he finally took down the moose. After a few days of eating and protecting his kill he heard something that sounded like a howl in the distance and he was curious so he followed it. He was on the trail of it when he found it; it was a timber wolf that was a quarter of the size of Buck. For a while he followed it because it was acting as though it wanted to be followed, but then he remembered John and he took off toward the camp. When he got back he found all of his men were dead, and there was a tribe of Indians in the camp. At this sight Buck went crazy and couldn’t stop he attacked every Indian that he could before they took off and ran. After that he ran into the woods and from that point on he was wild he found the pack of Timberwolves, and now there are Indian stories of a huge wolf that leads the pack of wolves around in the woods.

Essential Questions

One of the essential questions that is answered in this novel is how it shapes of reflects society. The reason that this is true is because it tells the story of the gold rush. It shows the hardships that both the men and the dogs had to face on their journey to the gold in which they sought out. For example Buck had to travel thousands of miles under very poor conditions, like the fact that they never had enough to eat so all the dogs got very skinny and eventually started dying off. It also shows that people would even steal other people’s dogs to earn money. Another reason of why it shaped society is how it showed how the men would treat the dogs because they thought that they could always find other dogs for their team. Finally the way it shaped society is how it tell you about the Indian, which were probably known in that region and on their own territory, would kill people to protect their land and the things that are on their land.

Another question it answers is what makes American literature American. It is written by an American author and reflects what has happened in American at the time that he wrote the book. It is American because it talks about the gold rush and how everyone was moving away trying to find some gold, and like John in the book trying to find a secret camp site that was said to hold tons of gold because it was where someone had hidden their gold before they died.