My Brain

Brooklynn Snodgrass

My Brain

I use both sides of my brain but my dominate side is my right side. Being a right brain user means that I like to be creative, and I am very outgoing, and social, and also very imaginative. I need some work on focus and listening, but that just shows I am a right brain.

My personality type


I am a blue personality type so that means I am very optimistic, nurturing, and friendly. I express emotion when I am communicating. It upsets me when people are negative, and rude. I have a very happy personality.

Decision making

My style is behavioral which means that I am very Sociable , friendly, supportive, motivated by acceptance by peers and, avoiding conflict. Other people see my decision making as too concerned about others, wishy-washy, can't make hard decisions, and can't say no. My organizational fit is well-designed, and people oriented collegial settings.

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