The Best Mobile Apps for Education

My five picks!


Audioboo is an easy to use tool that can be used as a platform to deliver announcements and important information from teacher to student. Instead of boring newsletters that end up in the trash can, audioboo can be used to convey the important information to the students while keeping them engaged. Both students and teachers can use this app to record themselves as a voice clip or post cast and simply share a link with others!

Fotobabble App

This app is absolutely perfect for grade 3 & 6 language arts. In these grades, students in Alberta write their provincial achievement exams. Part of this exam is providing the students with a picture and having them create or finish a story. Using this app, educators can take a picture and share it with their students. An example of an assignment using this could be directing students to finish or create a story based on the image. This prepares students for their PATs.
Fotobabble Tutorial

Google Drive

This app will be absolutely essential to my future classroom. I love using google drive already for my university studies and it will be even more useful once I have my own classroom. Google drive makes group work between students very easy. Instead of having to meet up at each other's house (which can be challenging in a larger group) students can collaborate on their mobile devices and create a polished powerpoint or document to submit.


Students may feel a little nervous to provide constructive criticism to their peers. With a tool such as PollEverywhere, students can express how they are feeling towards a presentation and provide potential feedback to the students. The students conducting the presentation can go back at anytime and review the comments to make improvements to future presentations.
Poll Everywhere Intro


Who says that students have to be in class to write a quiz or complete an assignment? With this app, students can do schoolwork and assignments from their mobile devices at anytime. This is great for students who have to miss school due to illness or extracurricular activities. Mobile apps such as socrative prevent these students from falling behind.
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