First L also known as" Nemean Lion"

First labor by Kameron Dewberry

All about Hercules Task

He told us his first task was to bring back the skin of a lion which terrorized the hills around Nemea. He set out to the town called Cleonae. He tried using his arrows first but they didn't work they were useless to the beast. He picked up a club and decided to go back after it.

We asked the village if he said any thing to them and all off the said no except one, this guy was a poor workmen named, Molorchus. The workman said that Hercules said that if he comes back we the skin then they would sacrifice to Zeus. The workman said if he didn't came back then they would sacrifice to them because of him being a hero.

Him meeting the beast

What he did to stop the lion was that he blocked the entrance and went through the other grab the beast by the neck and choked him to death.

One of the villagers came and said when hercules came back the workman left on the hunt. Instead of him sacrificing to Hercules they both sacrificed to Zeus.

The king got scared when he came back and then the king forbad hercules from ever coming though the gate to the city ever again.

We were told that the Greeks do not know if he did kill Nemean Lion or a different lion when he was eighteen.