Journaling in the Classroom

What are the benefits?


Journaling has been an educational tool that has been adopted by few and shunned by many. The question that I have proposed to everyone is “how does journaling in all subjects increase retention, comprehension, and test scores?” It seems amazing to think that a couple pieces of people can turn around a students understanding of a subject, but it's true. Through the use of, I will show individuals the benefits that journaling can bring to any classroom.

The Daily Grind

Every day students walk into a classroom and are handed a worksheet, lectured, and then sent on their way. In this pattern, that is repeated day after day, where is the reflection? As parents, we have all looked at our kids and said what were you thinking. This usually comes after it is to late though. What if their was a step between being told something and the act of actually doing it. I know what you are thinking....homework right? Homework will help in some instances, but I am referring to self reflection. What we do during the journaling process is write about what we have done, will do, or currently doing. During this process a person is recognizing their strengths and weakness. By identifying these two a students is gaining the ability to identify what he or she needs to continue to work on. Below are three areas that are strengthened through the journaling process.

Heres a Lesson

In the beginning there was journaling


The purpose of this journaling lesson is to educate students on how to start journaling. The criteria for this will include:

-Students must understand what is expected of inputted information.

-Students mush understand what the benefits of journaling are at home and school.

-Students must understand the different way that journaling can be done.

Journaling extends beyond paper and pencil. In this modern day it is important to use techniques and software such as apps, mind mapping, and social media outlet to get external opinions on what your strengths and weakness are. All off these will be used to explain how journaling plays an intricate roll in the social, educational, and physical aspects of education.

For this assignment students will be using Smore to create an journal that will cover a weeks worth of activities. This journal must include a video of a group project, the creation of an online presentation, and multiple hyperlinks to other Journaling projects that are posted online. This will be shared and review by peers.


*Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently


*Read grade-level text with purpose and understanding


Journaling 101 by emccwebb