Graphing Assignment

Payton Chamberlain

The Problem

Hey sugar sells 3 pounds of jelly beans per hour. They only have 36 pounds in the entire store.

The Constant, Independent and, the Dependent Variable

The constant is 3 pounds because it occurs over and over again and it doesn't change.

The constant is occurring continuously over a period of time.

The independent variable is hours because the hours aren't changed by the dependent variable (amount of jelly beans).

The independent variable that doesn't dependent on any other variables.

The dependent variable is the amount of jelly beans because how many hours (dependent variable) affects how many jelly beans are going to be sold.

A dependent variable is what will be measured. The variable depends to the independent variable.

The Equation

The equation is 3H=S.

The H repents the hours.

The S repents how many jelly beans sold.

Big image

The Graph

The Graph increases steadily because every hour it increases my 3 pounds.