Sound Track Of My Senior Year

Songs That Have Kept Me Going This Year

Landslide by Dixie Chicks + Lyrics!

Landslide by the Dixie Chicks

Lines of importance: "Well, I've been afraid of changin'

'Cause I built my life around you

But time makes you bolder

Children get older

I'm getting older too"

Explanation: This song is really important to me for some of the same reasons as Charlie. I’ve grown up with this song and it’s always been one of my favorites. This line is very important to me because I have to remind myself not to let my happiness depend on other people. You can’t build your life around someone because if/when they leave everything will fall apart.

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When I Get Where I'm Going with lyrics

When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley

Lines of importance:

“I'm gonna walk with my grandaddy

And he'll match me step for step

And I'll tell him how I missed him

Every minute since he left

Then I'll hug his neck”

Explanation: This line really hits home with me because it’s the song that was played at my 4H leader’s funeral. It also depicts on what I hope to do when I get to see him again one day.

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Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) Video with Official Lyric

Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele

Lines of importance:

“Send my love to your new lover

Treat her better

We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts”

Explanation: This line is really important to me because it reminds me not to hold grudges. It reminds me to always forgive and not to wish bad things upon people no matter what they’ve done to you.