The Genius Files: License to Thrill

Dan Gutman

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"Gutman continues to do what he does best: entertain readers."

- Publishers Weekly

"Wildly exciting, explosively energetic, hysterically hilarious, and contagiously fun."


"A quirky look at America that will engage curious minds."

-ALA Booklist

This is the awesome author of this thrilling series: Dan Gutman

The main Characters: Coke & Pepsi McDonald

Pepsi McDonald: She is very good at solving riddles, puzzles, ciphers and many more tricky kind of work.

Coke McDonald: He has a great memory and can remember everything a person says and writes.

License to Thrill is the 5th book in the Genius Files series. This action- packed, fiction book is about two 13-year-old twins, Coke and Pepsi McDonald, that are on a road trip across the country, but are being chased by crazy lunatics that are trying to kill them. From San Francisco to Washington D.C.,they're going to have wild ride!

Coke and Pepsi's wild ride through America

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As the McDonald twins end their journey back home in San Francisco they have faced MANY close encounters with the sly Bowler dudes, crazy Mrs.Higgins, and the insane Dr. Herman Warsaw. They send creepy ciphers that are linked in a way so dangerous that once they find out the meaning, they know something bad is going to happen. Those crazy lunatics wanted to kill the McDonald twins ever since their summer break started. All the trouble started with Dr.Warsaw inventing the Genius Files, a program where genius kids would try to protect the world. Obviously his plan backfired and he has been a lunatic who is trying to kill all kids, especially Coke And Pep. The twins have many close calls with death in crazy places that are in this country, but they always find a way around it with the help of some very helpful secret agents; Bones and Mya.
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In this series, you are sure to get surprised, scared and defiantly excited while reading, its like your going through the crazy adventure yourself! I know I did! So are you ready to hop on your car with your luggage and drive your way through this wild ride?