Christopher Marlowe

Madie Griffin


  • Born February 6, 1564. In Canterbury England
  • He spent Most of his life in Canterbury
  • He attended King's School in Canterbury on scholarship
  • He went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Corpus College
  • Marlowe then went for his Master of Arts degree at Corpus as well but was denied because he was rumored to be a government spy.

Marlowes Lifestyle

He Wrote as a way of venting. He was a very secretive man and he would sometimes blow up. He had at least 2 prison sentences. Some said he lived a dangerous life.

His work was admired by all but as a person Marlowe was admired by few.

The Massacre at Paris

Why The Massacre At Paris Is Interesting

I find this piece interesting because Marlowe knew that society would not like it and he would be judged for it. But he wrote it anyway people were outraged that he was making such accusations. But it was one of the most read stories in the 1600s. Marlowe considered that a sucsess. He didn't care if people hated him or his work, he was only worried about if his work was being seen.

Marlowe's Last Days

Christopher lost his life on May 30th 1593 before finishing The Massacre at Paris. His family and friends helped to publish and finish his last piece of work.