My Trip To Washington D.C.

Ciara Payne

On Monday morning we left for Washington D.C. It was a boring drive, so I listened to music and drew on some paper. We were staying at a campground, and we were going to take a bus so that we wouldn't be stuck in traffic the whole day. We were going to walk to every place. So when we got up the next morning we headed toward the capital building.

We were dropped off at the the capital building. It was amazing, but we didn't get to stay long. Then we walked to Arlington National Park. We got to see the soldiers do a salute. Then we went back to the campground to eat dinner.

When we got there the next day we headed for the Washington Monument. We saw all the the flags around it and overall I thought it was awesome. Then we got to go to the World War II memorial with all the state's names around it and ducks (they were really cute). After that, we got to find one of our relatives names on a plaque. It was very interesting to see all of those names on the same plaque of others who have fought.

On Thursday, we went to the White House. We didn't get to go in but we did get to see it from the gate. After that we went to the Lincoln Memorial, we got to see writings on the walls and a giant statue of president Lincoln.Then we went to the space museum. We got to watch a video about space and see many artifacts.

On the last day, we got all of our stuff and packed it in the car. It took about sixteen hours to complete the journey and it was very boring. I was very happy to be home and it was really fun! I had taken a lot of pictures, and got some really nice ones out of them. When I get older I would like to go back and see some places that we didn't have time to see.

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