Beautiful Komodo Island

Komodo Island

Komodo Is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. If you want a natural paradise, Komodo is it. Komodo is an amazing place because it is absolutely beautiful. There is so much to see, it is very warm and relaxing, and there are many fun activities.

Komodo Island is Beautiful

Komodo is great because it is so beautiful. The island is almost all green and the sun is bright and shining. There are forests, pink beaches, and coral reefs. In the forests there are amazing, colourful, and beautiful animals and plants. There is the amazing endangered komodo dragon. A long time ago people would slaughter komodo dragons for their skin. The soon became a protected species and the numbers have started to increase. You can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view at the pink beaches. And you can see the outstanding coral reefs.

Komodo Island is Warm and Relaxing

Komodo has amazing weather. It is so warm and relaxing. The average temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius and it doesn’t rain too much in June, July August, September, and October. You should go when it is nice out. How would you like to sleep in a hammock on the beach in the warm sun? Well you can in Komodo.

Komodo Island is FUN!

Finally there are many fun activities that you could do. If you like adventures you can have an adventure through the forests. You can go scuba diving and/or snorkeling through the coral reefs. You can play and relax on the beach. You can see all the wild life and more.

In Conclusion

Komodo is such an amazing island with so much things that you can do that you will have a wonderful time. I suggest that you should visit Komodo Island. It will be a trip that you will not forget!

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Interesting facts

-Komodo is only one of the 17508 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia.

-Komodo is home to the worlds largest lizard. The Komodo dragon.

-Komodo has pink sand. It is only one out of seven places in the world with pink sand.

-Komodo dragon swim to near by islands.

The Flag

This is the Indonesia flag.
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Many animals live on Komodo Island.

There are incredible lizards, beautiful snakes, graceful sea turtles, amazing birds, and other fantastic animals