Children's Behavior

Guiding your childs behavior.

One part of guidance is disipline,which should be used when needed .Using firmness,and just understanding how to help your child control theirselves.These guidelines will  help your child down the line ,develop good morals and self disapline.A key part in guiding your child  is to be consistent,this shows them a good base to learn from.If not consistent your child may become confused and just not know how to behave.

Explain what you want.

Showing good  examples to a child will work out ,since they imitate what they see.If you want them to do something ,just do it and they should follow.Vocallize what is expected of them,this puts out  reason for them to do good.If you praise their good behavior they will ,feel they have done good and continue to do good so they can get rewarded.

Dealing with bad behavior.

When your child misbehaves,you must think before acting on it.1)Think about their age ,was that appropriate for them? 2)Does the child understand what he/she has done? 3) Did they do it on purpose,or simply an accident? If the act was done unintentional ,just explain to the child why that was wrong.If the act was done intentionaly then punishment should be decided.Removal of privileges,or consequences for the action,would be a good punishment choice.

Handling disciplinary measures.

In a case that you are having a hard time dealing with your childs actions do not;Bribe,promise,shout or yell,or threaten your love to them.These actions can cause much more damage and hurt to both the parent and child if done.Instead try to ,be calm and clear with them . Make the child calm down and get clear on the matter to better understand what to do.Try to solve the problems and resolve any issues made.