Timmy Nation

Erica, Tenley ,Anabella and Aniya

What is Timmy Nation selling?

Amazing prices! Adorable animal plushies! Awesome candies! Unbelievable Sales!

- Plushies!

- Soda Fizz Candy!

- Pixie Lazers!

- Cry Baby Gumballs!

Timmy's Story

Once Timmy was a poor Fellow who didn't have a cool name! She was known as Tenley, but that was soon to be just her stage name. One day Timmy said to herself, "What if Girls had traditional boy names and boys had traditional girl names." Her soon to be Master general for Timmy's army, Katie Jones. "You should be Timmy!" Said Katie, and so the rain of Timmy began, but what about Erica? "I need a name!" Said Erica. Timmy soon came to the rescue to her life of death problem. "I and my soon to be Timmy Nation will call you.......Eric!" Soon Timmy was forming plans for her nation. That is in tell Bertha challenged her for the world president. This she took to the heart.. But when she needed someone most, who could help her with her problems her soul brother Riley came! "I shall name you TIMMY 2.0 !" So the friendship began. Once she had her council the votes, she met CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Aka Anabella. Soon she also had her own shop, full of adorable plushies and candy soda fizz!

Timmy, Eric, Captain America and Aniya