Women's Rights

Progression in equality throughout history

Women's RIghts at Home

Women's Rights in education

Not a lot of women got an education. They often barely had a chance of learning to read. Women were expected to keep their interests in home and family limiting them from ever getting a proper (or equivalent to men) education. Along with not being able to get an education, women were denied the right to vote.

Seneca Falls Convention

What was The Seneca Falls Convention?

It was the first women's rights convention. It took place in Seneca Falls, New York. It spanned over two summer days in 1848. Many women went to the convention to stand up and open up new rights.

Woman's Rights Today-2016

Today, women have almost as many opportunities as men. Women can vote, and earn their own money. Women don't have to stay home and watch their children. They don't even have to have children. Although much has been solved and maintained today, the amount of payment in a career is a huge debate. Many believe men are still getting payed more then women because of their gender.