Hoover. AKA: America's Downfall

Hoover's Mistakes and How He Has Effected This Country


Hoover expects Americans to stay positive, and believe that everything will be fine; then right afterwards he removes all forms of government support out of the lives of all Americans. Leaving them to fend for themselves.

Hard Times Are Still HOOVER-ing Over Us.

Without government support, several Americans couldn't afford the simple necessities in life like food, clothes, and shelter. You'd see several American families being evicted from their homes and seeking refuge anywhere they could find it. Especially in Shantytowns like this one.
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As result of Hoover's Laissez Faire act providing hands off government to everyone including farmers, demand for food and crops went way down. Farmers had hard times keeping up with their payments and tending to their fields that would've been considered useless. So farmers went on strike and refused to grow, and sell crops in hopes of raising prices for their products.