Of Mice and Men Slim

Slims personality

Slim seems to be at peace with himself while the other characters have all these conflicts flowing around and generally look up to Slim and ask him for help

An Example would be when Slim says to candy that he should put his dog down he does.

Slim's physical appearance

Tall slim and a hard worker

What does Slim do on the Ranch?

Slim is a highly skilled mule driver and very renowned on the ranch

Of Mice And Men Shooting Of Candy's Dog

Quote from Slim to George about advice on Lennie

Slim nodded. "We might," he said. "If we could keep Curley in, we might, But Curley's gonna want to shoot 'im. Curley's still mad about his hand. An' s'pose they lock him up an' strap him down and put him in a cage. That ain't no good, George." (5.97)