K-2 Update

Corning & Georgian Hills | September 18, 2014

K-2 SharePoint Resource Hub

Do you need the Lesson Plan template, the Long Term Plan, Resources, an Agenda? We have it all at the Lower Elementary Hub!


  • 9/22: Ensure your STEP Data is tracked in the STEP Trackers by 8am. Watch THIS VIDEO if you need a reminder of how to enter the information.
  • 9/22: Mark your calendars - there are no planning meetings during the week of September 22-26.
  • 9/22 - 9/26: Unannounced Cycle One Informal Observations will occur during the week of 9/22 - 9/26. If you are at Georgian Hills, Ayanna and I will be in to observe you during the week. If you are at Corning, Jessica and I will be in to observe you during the week.
  • 9/24 - 9/25: SECOND GRADE ONLY. Administer Achievement Network (ANet) test.
  • 9/25: Please email your lesson plans for 9/29 - 10/3 to me by 7:15am on Thursday, 9/25. Ensure you are using the most recent lesson plan templates.

Curriculum Corner

  • Listening Centers: Did you know you can save a YouTube video as an MP3, burn it to a CD, and use it in your listening center? Well, Craig Robinson figured out how to do this! Use the website YouTubetoMP3 to do this!
  • Writing Centers: Instead of running off tons of paper and having kids start over each day, Rachel Salda has page protector packs where she stuffs the worksheet, the marker, and the eraser in one packet. This way kids have ONE thing to carry or handle during transitions!