Monday Memo MAY 2

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~


You ARE so adored by so many - I hope you feel the love when you come to school each day! Be assured that many understand how hard you work and are so thankful that you have chosen this profession!! I really liked this article that Lisa sent out the other day so I am reposting it...take some time to read it if you haven't already!

Our PTA Parents are wowing us once again!!!! I hope you feel like royalty!

And here's the plan from our wonderful PTA:


Teachers will enjoy Einstein's bagels and orange juice. And to give teachers extra energy throughout the day, the lounge will be stocked with K-cups, flavored creamers and cokes! Look for small treat in mailbox!

Take & Bake Tuesday
Dinner is on us! Teachers will stop by the cafeteria to pick up a large take & bake Papa Murphy's pizza and salad! And a little something in your mailbox! LOTS OF HUGS FROM THE KIDLETS TODAY!

Lunch is on us! Teachers will enjoy a full hour offsite lunch at Verona Italian Restaurant. Our amazing parent volunteers will cover lunch duty and recess. Look for a little treat in your mailbox!

Day 1 of our teacher's relaxation station - 10 minute chair massage! Also, a small treat in your mailbox!

Day 2 of our relaxation station - 10 minute chair massages continue. Since the week is over, our teachers can make it a movie night with a Redbox gift set!

This is sure to be a memorable week!



It's just impossible for me to believe that we are literally one month away from the last day of school! I hope you will enjoy every day and make every minute count! As exciting as the last day of school is, many of your kids will cry because they don't want to leave you. Some will be especially naughty these next few weeks, consider their thoughts about what the long summer may have in store for them. Keep in mind that not all kids take fabulous vacations, and spend hours at the pool just hanging out with mom and friends...

As you know, it's difficult for some to express how they feel about the school year coming to an end. Our 5th graders will not only be saying good-bye to the fabulous 5th grade team but to all of you who have taught them over the years... that is really difficult for some. So, just take a deep breath and count to 10 before you react to outwardly naughty behavior.

As much as possible, try to keep your routines, but make time to listen to your students every day!


SAFETY AUDIT - 1st Week of May

This is just a reminder in case you didn't check these things last week. If every teacher does this, we will pass our audit with flying colors! Pod doors and main hallway doors should be set to lock, fire maps and the Standard Response Protocol signs are in sight and not covered up/blocked.



Please do what you can to rally support for our Bond Election! There are several well-done videos that are relatively short that can be shared on social media - Here's one that makes a few common questions easy to understand!

Early voting ends on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dates Hours:

Monday, May 2, 2016 and Tuesday, May 3, 2016 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

Please take advantage of all these opportunities to vote early!


LIBRARY! This is 'A' Week!



On Wednesday, May 4, immediately after the announcements Kim will speak to 3rd and 4th graders about how to go about running for student council (All classes will sign off of announcements but 3rd and 4th will remain on)

Afterwards, she will place election packets in your hallways for students to pick up.



I'm excited that a few teachers have submitted ideas! Keep them coming, any idea is a good one! I think we'll know when we get the right one because it will encompass who we are and where we want to go! So if you have an idea, please don't hesitate to share!



As you know, Chris and I attended three days of training on T-TESS last week. We learned a lot but at this point there are still some unknowns because the state is allowing districts to look at some parts of the system and tailor it to what fits us best. Be assured that our district wants this to be an instrument that helps all teachers grow. It's not meant to be something that is negative and purposeless.

One thing that every teacher will need to do is to choose a professional goal to work on next year. I'm happy to say that this shouldn't be new to you, because we all did that this year! As you reflect on this year, spend some time brainstorming some areas that you would like to grow in professionally, put your list in a safe place, and you'll at least have some ideas when we start back next school year.

I am going to attach Domain 3 to an email rather than embed it in this memo.



Here's the link to the session information and registration for this summer's academy -; I know most of you will find a way to attend some of the sessions if you are in town in late July - also, keep in mind that these hours will apply to your 15 hours of personal/professional growth for next school year. And, if you have thought of a professional goal by that time, you might be able to find a session or two that will help you begin your work for the year in that area.



2 - 6 Teacher Appreciation Week!

3 - Drum Assembly - during specials

4 - Principal Meeting

7 - Bond Election

9 - STAAR Math 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

10 - STAAR Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

11 - STAAR Science 5th

12 - Teacher of the Year Gala

13 - PTA Board Meeting; Student Council Speeches Due; Reflections Celebration Sockwell

18 - Donna's Retirement Party

19 - Student Council Election; Choir Concert

23 - Sandy Lake

24 - TL Retreat

25 - Senior Reunion

26 - Field Day

27 - Campus PDH Day