The Hunger Games

By: Agron Ahmedi


In the Hunger Games the main character katniss's sister is chosen to fight in Hunger Games. Then Katniss took tribute so she could fight besides her sister. Then Katniss and Peeta go and fight in the Hunger Games. They almost both died but, they Won the Hunger Games. Then next year they would have to go fight again because, president snow doesn't like Katniss and Peata and he wants them to die.


In "The Hunger Games" they are fighting in a dome. The people at the capital were controlling the dome could make it rain,snow,sunny,night, and etc. They were doing this because, they wanted them to be able to die and, to finish the games quicker.

Intresting Character

The interesting Character in this story is Katniss (also the main character). She is interesting because, she is an ordinary girl that likes to hunt and, shoot bows. Then one day her sister was chosen to fight in the hunger games but she decide to play for her. Another interesting character is Peeta because, him and, Katniss were teaming in the Hunger Games and, they were in the same district. Katniss meet Peeta one time when it was raining and, he threw some beard at her to eat. Katniss hated Peeta but now, they would have to team in the Hunger Games to be able to survive.


The Hunger Games is a science-fiction and action/adventure and, it is based on the future and, how our future might look like. This is science fiction because, killing people in domes would never happen and, this is based on the future. Also its action/adventure because, there is a lot of action in the story/movie because, they are surviving in the wild and, killing people so Katniss and, Peeta could be able to win the Hunger Games.


This is brought to you by Forge Bow Co (the bow Katniss used) and, by Por Tec Painters (Peeta uses it to hide from the other people in the Hunger Games so he wont die).