Opium War

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The war on China

The war on China began in June of 1840 by the British Warships. They went into the Pearl River and overwhelmed China making the country down. Thousands where killed during this war due to the free trade. The Britons where trading opium something that the Chinese did not want anymore due to the fact that it messed with their minds. But before they didn't want any opium the Chinese would trade tea for this illegal business. They didn't know what they where trading since they had no idea of the effect of the opium. This war also began since the British had where struggling. They could barely trade with china since they wanted only silver for pay.

British against China

The Reason for the War

The main reason for this war is the fact that the Chinese did not want to trade tea with the British for opium. Another reason is that the British wanted to have wealth. They also found an opportunity that they got the conquest of Indian Bengal. They had a grand amount of opium.

The First Opium War

This occurred in November 1839, the navy sank many of the Chinese vessels. By January the British had captured forts that where at pearl mountain. The main victory for the British was due to her majesty navy.
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