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May 2021 Newsletter

In this Issue:

  • Important Dates & Deadlines
  • ASVAB Test
  • CSU/UC Timeline
  • Community College Information
  • Advanced Education
  • Scholarships
  • Job Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Summer School

Request an appointment with your School counselor

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Ms. Fraley: A-Gon

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Ms. Vang: U-Z

Request an appointment with the College & Career Center

Virtual office hours are Tuesday - Friday 1-3:30pm.

Meeting ID: 861 9049 2149


Check out the College & Career Classroom for more information on all of the key dates below.


May 1: CSU/UC Decision Day!

May 4: ASVAB test

May 7: SMUD summer internship application due

May 7: Registration due for June 12, 2021 ACT exam date

May 8: Registration due for June 5, 2021 SAT exam date

May 28: Advanced Ed summer 2021 application due

June 7: Summer School starts

July 15: Official transcripts for UC/CSU bound students due

July 25: CTE application due for fall 2021 classes

August 13: Advanced Ed fall 2021 application due

No deadline: City of Sacramento lifeguard job posting

No deadline: FedEx package handler job posting

No deadline: Police Cadet Volunteer Program

For more information on any of this, go to the College & Career classroom.

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): May 4th at 2:00pm at Florin High.

ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. We will be administering this on campus. Sign up here.


May 8: Kosmos Civic Club 2021-22 Scholarship Deadline

May 26: Sacramento Area Water Works Scholarship Deadline

Rolling date: College Board Scholarship

Various dates: Going Merry Scholarships

Varies dates: OppU 10 No-Essay Scholarships

For a full list of scholarships, go to the Florin High website. We have hundreds of scholarships listed!

Senior Future Signing Day!

Please fill out this survey to help us celebrate your success and milestone! We're excited to see where you are going!


Have you visited the EGUSD's Senior Central? Click here to see what's happening for seniors, review timelines, colleges, work, financial aid & testing.

SENIORS!! We're looking for feedback on what we can improve on in the College & Career Center. Don't forget to fill out the senior survey!

Don't have plans after high school yet? Contact the College & Career Center and we can help!

Mrs. Monique Muniz -

Ms. Linda Nguyen -

Counseling Department Send off Messages!

Mrs. Fraley: We are almost there, finish strong! Wishing all of our Panthers a restful, happy, and healthy summer!

Mr. Nguyen: "May the fourth be with you!" - Star Wars

Ms. Singh: "We cannot always choose the music life plays, but we can choose how we dance to it." - Unknown

Ms. Vang: Have a plan and never give up on achieving your hopes and dreams. "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Anthony Robbins

Ms. Nguyen: “People must wilt, fall, root, rise … in order to bloom” - Rupi Kaur

Mrs. Muniz: Don't be afraid to ask questions, be vulnerable and never forget to laugh! You will be missed seniors! "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within" - Maya Angelou

Ms. Guerrero: "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." - Rumi

Create Web Grants for Students account to access Cal Grant Awards

Students can confirm graduation and college of attendance


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CSU, Sacramento

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UC, Merced

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UC, Davis

Focus on Community College, Financial Aid and Special Programs!

It's not too late to apply for CRC and Financial Aid!

Go here to apply for CRC! Fall 2021 semester begins August 21, 2021. All first time freshman enrolling full-time at CRC can get their first two years paid for free. Must apply for Financial Aid, click here.

Apply for Scholarships from CRC Website, click here.

Need help? Join the College Career Center's virtual hours, Tuesday - Friday from 1-3:30 pm for assistance.

Zoom link:

CRC New Student Orientation

Summer/Fall 2021 registration begins April 1, 2021. During Virtual Orientation students will receive Your education Plan (1st semester classes), Guidance with registration, Information about financial aid, and special program information.

To register:

Step 1: Fill out CAC major selection form.

Step 2: Select the earliest orientation date and show up early!

*Any students who are 5 or more minutes late will not be able to join orientation.

ESL Placement

If you are still learning English then you can take an English as a second Language (ESL) assessment test, which will place you in an ESL class that matches your skill level.

If you are interested in placement in ESL courses sign-up here:

Disability Support Program & Services (DSPS) : Click here to learn more about how CRC works on providing equal educational opportunity for students with physical, psychological or learning disabilities.

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CRC Dream Center

The mission of the CRC Dream Center is to assist undocumented students and students from mixed-status families achieve their academic goal. The Dream Center provides services, resources and support to address the unique barriers students face in their pursuit of higher education.

Meetings with Dream Center Staff can be made by High School students with:

  • Questions about attending college as an undocumented student
  • General questions about how to become a CRC students
  • Help with completing the CRC Application

Schedule a zoom appointment with Dream Center here:

***California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request Form

(Also known as the AB540 Form). Eligible Undocumented students must complete the AB540 Affidavit in order to receive financial aid. For assistance, contact the Dream Center

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

EOPS will be hosting virtual workshops May to August to help students fill out their applications. Registration is required. If you have questions or concerns, please contact or 916-691-7365.

EOPS Application Assistance Workshops:

Wed. May 5, 2021 (English) 11:00 - 12:00 pm Register Here

Wed. May 12, 2021 (English) 11:00 - 12:00 pm Register Here:

Wed. May 19, 2021 (English) 11:00 - 12:00 pm Register Here:

Wed. May 26, 2021 (Vietnamese) 2:00 - 3:00 pm Register Here:

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California has over 6.2 million public school students and each of their psychological and emotional wellbeing is as important as academic achievement. Please join us in recognizing the importance of Student Mental Health Week – May 10-14, 2021. #CA4StudentMentalHealth; #CASCconnected

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You are not alone!

NAMI Sacramento is a grassroots organization that provides a community of support, education, resources and outreach activities to families, friends and persons with mental illness so as to improve their general welfare, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

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What is Advanced Education?

Advanced Education is a program for current high school students interested in taking classes at one of the Los Rios Community Colleges (ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC). Advanced ed students may enroll in two (2) college courses each semester (summer, fall and spring).


  • You are 16 years old, or you have already completed 10th grade by the first day college classes start

  • You are currently enrolled in high school (public, private, or home school)

  • Students must be mature enough to understand the course material and to benefit from the presentation style

Advanced Education Application Workshops:

Workshops will cover the step by step process of LRCC application submission and instructions on completing the necessary paperwork.

May 4th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 561779

May 18th 2:30-4:00 Passcode: 258047

Click Here to Register for workshop:

LRCC Advanced Education application due dates:

  • Summer 2021: accepting applications for summer through May 28, 2021 (Note: Summer courses will be online only)
  • Fall 2021: accepting applications for fall from April 26 through August 13, 2021

Email any questions to


Incoming 11th and 12th grade students can apply to take an Explore CTE course not offered at their campus. If you are interested in joining CTE courses next year, fill out the application here. Check out the Career Center's google classroom here to see the course catalog.

FALL semester application deadline is July 25th

SPRING semester application deadline is December 12th.

Contact Ms. Flint,, if you have any questions.

Kosmos Civic Club Scholarship

ATTN: Seniors!

The Kosmos Civic Club Inc., is an organization of African American women in the Sacramento community. They are committed to helping graduating seniors in Sacramento County to further their education through offering this scholarship opportunity!

Eligibility: Graduating HS Seniors attending Sacramento County school only

Application Requirements, due by May 8, 2021.

  1. Completed Application: includes student & counselor signatures required.
  2. Applicant Picture: headshot photo with focus on face - does not need to be a professional photo
  3. Minimum 500 word essay: Include financial need statement, future goals, extracurricular activities, community service and awards received. Essay MUST include total number of words per page, at the bottom of each page.
  4. 3 Letters of recommendation (two from school personnel with letterhead, one from a community person)
  5. Official high school transcript: signed by school registrar
  6. Application MUST BE received or postmarked by deadline of May 8, 2021.

Application packet can be emailed to OR mailed to : ATTN: Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 22092

Sacramento, CA 95822

Sacramento Area Water Works Association Scholarship

ATTN: Seniors!

Sacramento Area Water Works will be selecting up to 3 winners to each earn a $1,000 scholarship to go towards your education after high school. Application is due Wednesday, May 26, 2021 by 5PM


  • Students who are enrolled, or intend to enroll in post high school education in a 4 year college, a community college, or trade school for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • Students enrolled in a program with a water focus on water resources are encouraged to apply, but it is NOT a requirement.

Application Requirements:

1. Completed application.

2. Official School Transcript in sealed envelope, if attending school. If NOT attending school, proof of acceptance in 4 year college, community college or trade school in upcoming year required

3. 1 page max Personal Statement/Essay - Single typed spaced with 1"margins. Include info about yourself, financial need, goals, community involvement, financial need, etc.

4. 2 Letters of Recommendation from non-family members. Include contact info for possible reference.

College Board Scholarship Opportunity

ATTN: Juniors!

The College Board is providing a unique scholarship opportunity available to EVERY 11th grade student. Over half of the scholarships are even designated for families earning less than $60,000 annually.

Follow the link to the College Board Opportunity Scholarship (CBOS) site to see 6 Key Actions to Prepare for College. Each activity you complete will make you eligible to earn $500. Finish all 6 and you will be entered into the FINAL drawing for a $40,000 scholarship!

  • There are no entry qualifications, essays, or applications. Every student is eligible!
  • Students are rewarded for completing college-planning steps they are already doing such as filling out the FAFSA, and exploring college and scholarship opportunities online.
  • $500 scholarships are drawn monthly between January of their Junior year through February of their Senior year.
  • Students who complete all six steps will be eligible for the final drawing. That means twenty five students will each be selected to get a $40,000 scholarship!

Job & Volunteer Opportunities

Find out more by going to the College & Career Center classroom.

Job Opportunities:

Sacramento Southgate Parks & Rec District - Apply Online Here.

Park Maintenance Assistant: Must be 18 years of age.

Center Custodian: Must be 18 years of age.

Receptionist/Cashier: Must be 18 years of age.

Golf instructor - Wildhawk golf club Must be 18 years of age.

Interested in applying to one of these jobs?

Join our Application Workshop 5/11/2021 @ 1:30

Zoom link:

SMUD Summer Internship - Apply Online Here.

Must be 16 years of age.

Due 5/7/21

City of Sacramento Job Postings - Apply Online Here.

Lifeguard: Must be 16 years of age.

Senior Lifeguard: Must be 16 years of age.

Cashier: Must be 17 years of age.

Management Senior Lifeguard: Must be 17 years of age.

Assistant Pool Manager: Must be 17 years of age.

Interested in applying to one of these jobs?

Join our Application Workshop 5/13/2021 @ 1:30

Zoom link:

FedEx package handlers - Apply Online Here.

Must be 18 years of age.

Volunteer Opoortunities

Sacramento Cadet Program

Click flyer for requirements and if you have any questions,


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AI4All Summer Program

ATTN: 9-11th graders!

Get hands on experience and discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and social impact can intersect to create a better society. Learn more and apply here.

No computer science or AI experience expected or required! Questions? Email

Military Forward Friday

Join these sessions every Friday to learn more about the different branches of the military, career options, learn about ASVAB workshops and how you can pursue a civilian or military career. Click here for Zoom links and more information.

Summer School: June 7 - July 30

Are looking to make up a D or F grade? Summer school dates have been published and details are being finalized. Keep your eyes open for more details to come soon!