Rocks Rock!!!

Hello dear parents,

We are so happy to have all of our children back from the holiday break! As this week unfolded we prepared for new experiences. Our children will be engaging in a short new unit for the next three weeks; Rocks! They seem to have been enjoying the fact that they can find them all around. Now they are quite interested in learning about the different types of rocks. We will be presenting diverse activities to get them to explore and learn more about rocks and where they are found, what they are made of, and how they are used.

If any of you by chance make jewelry, do rock climbing or anything related to rocks, you are more than welcomed to come and share your experience with us.

During this unit we will learn new vocabulary, use thinking skills to make predictions, investigate and solve problems. In math, we will be counting, comparing and patterning rocks. In literacy, we will be using rock letters to identify upper and lower case, make short words and explore sounds. We will use rocks, paint and sand in our art center and find different uses for them.

We invite you to go rock hunting and have open discussions with your child about these rocks attributes and what they feel like, look and see if you both can identify the different ways rocks are used around your home and neighborhood.

Books of the week

The Rock Cycle: A Children's Story

What do we know about rocks?

Circle time made sure we explored and shared our thoughts on what we knew before beginning our study. We learned some cool facts and big words in order to understand a little bit more about rocks!



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DramatIc Play

Our Dramatic Play Center turned into a volcano this week! (Thank you Ms. Nicole!!!) Geologists came to check out what was hiding in a little cave. Can you imagine their surprise when they found IGNEOUS rocks in them? OMG!!!


On Wednesday we had the chance to explore our Computer Lab for the first time! Some of us struggled a little using the mouse, but practice makes perfect and we will keep visiting our lab in order to improve our skills :)

Toys & Games


There are some Pet Rock Care instructions you should read in order to have a blast with them!! We'll be looking forward to hear all about their fun weekend on Monday!


Besides pet rocks, our Art Center helped us learn that METAMORPHIC rocks are made with heat and a little pressure!


Recording evidence!!!

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1. PK 4.3's family is growing! CONGRATULATIONS ISABEL!!!! or should we say BIG SISTER?! YAYYY!!! We can't wait to meet baby Lucia!

2. Our newest member looks like he's feeling REALLY comfortable on his second week at school :)

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1. Please read #IAMISP Spirit Week PDF document. There's a home-school connection activity to do for day #3 and we have some changes for day #5.

2. We are having a School Supplies Drive for our sister school in Las Trancas from Feb 1st-Feb 19th (not including Carnival Break!!). PK 4 was assigned to help with 2 pencil erasers, 2 pencil sharpeners and 1 dozen pencils.

3. Picture retakes will be on Feb 4th.

4. Remember to send craft bags back on Monday!