Welcome to EMS! Summer Update #3!

We Are Excited to See You in Two Weeks!

Summer Update #3
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"Open House" and EMS Walk-Through Dates: August 24, 25, and 26

Tuesday, Aug. 24th, 10am to Thursday, Aug. 26th, 6pm

500 Northeast Main Street

Estacada, OR

Stop by for an informal visit to EMS. There are no scheduled meetings, announcements, nor items to fill-out and turn.

Come over to walk the hallways, open your locker, peek into your upcoming classrooms, and view your schedule.

10am to 6:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

EMS Schedule and Systems: Zoom Presentations

Mark Your Calendars for September 2 and September 7 at 6:30pm.

Mr. Hargrave will be discussing - in detail - your student's academic schedule and what the minutes in their seats means for your student's ongoing success in the District.

You will have an opportunity to ask clarifying questions in preparation for the upcoming school year!

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Fostering Relationships Through Care and Connection

At EMS we believe strong student-to-staff and student-to-student relationships are a prerequisite to learning. We will be focusing on relationships during the first ten days of learning. Here are a few examples of what relationship-building looks like and sounds like at EMS:

  • Learning each other's names and how to pronounce the names
  • Establishing learning norms and how a class conducts the business of learning each day
  • Playing games and building a spirit of curiosity
  • Talking about their backgrounds, Summers, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Learning daily learning routines (where to turn in work, how to ask a question, how to submit a task)

It is important we take time to tend to our students mental health and wellness. We will be going slow at the onset of the year in order to build a strong infrastructure for the rigorous learning to come throughout the academic year.

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Fall Sports Registration is now OPEN!!!

Interested students need to sign up/ register online @ familyid.com

(All athletes must be registered online and have an up to date physical turned into the office before practicing)

-- 7th & 8th grade girls Volleyball

-- 6th - 8th grade boys and girls Cross Country

Sports Physicals for the Upcoming School Year

If your student is interested in Sports for the upcoming school year - or if you are interested in your student participating in Sports - then your student will need a Physical completed by a medical professional.

This form must be completed by a medical professional. Summer is an opportunity for you to make an appointment with your student's physician or pediatrician for their Physical. Go Tigers! Go Rangers!

Physical Form for Athletics

Bring this form to the physician and/or the pediatrician if your student will be participating in sports during the academic year. Physicals last two years.

Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch Here

Click Here to Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch. You application supports discounted fees for other programs (such as sports) as well as provides our District with information to receive educational grants.

Food and Cafeteira: Announcements


USDA and the Oregon Department of Education has approved the Estacada School District to offer free meals to ALL students in the 2021-2022 school year. Below are the updated program changes:

  • Only one breakfast and one lunch will be offered free daily

  • Second daily meals will be charged to the student's accounts for a regular breakfast or lunch meal fee

  • If a student selects only a milk without a full meal, they must pay $.55 (Milk alone is not offered for free).

  • Only children enrolled in the Estacada School District will be offered free meals

  • If a student is attending a school in the Estacada School District, but is learning from home for various reasons, they will need to notify their school's secretary to sign up for bus meal delivery.

  • We encourage families to continue to fill out the annual free and reduced meal application. If eligible, the family may have a reduction in fees for other school programs and it helps the District in receiving educational grants.

Face Coverings at EMS

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Estacada School District Safety Protocols

Click Here to View our District's Safety Protocols for the upcoming school year. These measures are updated and subject to frequent change.

A Message from the Oregon Department of Education

Dear Parents and Families,

Statewide FAQ about face coverings.

School Supply List

To prepare for the upcoming school year, please consider this supply list. Email (emsinfo@estacada.k12.or.us) or call (503) 630-8516 x2502 when you have any questions!

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Bell Schedule for 21-22 School Year

Doors open at 8:30am. Students are to report to the cafeteria for a quick breakfast or their 1st Period classroom.

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Does Your Student Take Medicine?

We want to have the most up-to-date information about your student's health and wellness.

If your student takes medicine, we need to know. Whether an inhalder, an epi-pen, medicine for ADHD, or any other item, please communicate with us so we have medical records on file and so we can administer the medicine if/when needed.

Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.
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Go Tigers!