they have delicous food,mountains and fun sports

activities are endless in singapore

Have fun even if there luxury hotels make you want to stay get out and see singapore. Hockey is a sport thats reaally popular. They play impact golf. They do alot of Dances with culture. Need to think singapore uses songbirds. Singapores activities are endless.

food that will blow your mind

[Take your taste buds on a mission. Curry puffs are a traditional dessert. Cooling foods are fruit an heaty foods are food is char kway trow witch is fruit in spices that help a baba think. Chicken rice is boneless chicken with sticky rice. Singapores food will take your far beyond.


Singapores art isnt the only thing interesting . They do the indian epic ray-mama . A malya dance is a dance of drama . They have over 100 art shows." Music for everyone"is a popular dance. Youll give part of your heart to singapores art.

landmarks climb some mountains an see a view.

Buktie timiah has a beauty hill. Impinges has GooD hills. Parkview is fabulous place. Walk the helix bridge. Singapore has fun things to do.


They ot talk with there mouth they talk with there hands. They speak english. They use pictures sometimes. Its very silent most people like have never talke in 20 years. Learn new ways to talk.

climate what to pack

What to wear what to pack.singapore is very hot. The temp is usally 75 degrees. 140 speecies birds live there. 10 inches of rain in june-september. Pack shorts an a cameras because you dont wanna miss singapore

thank you

i hope you enjoye my presentation