Dr. Stephen Jones; Guest Moderator

Monday, March 23rd, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

1.How can principals and teachers create a culture that supports teachers #Thetitleonechat

2.What challenges do parents face when trying to ensure that their school is sensitive to how their student learns #Thetitleonechat

3.What are some of the creative ways that teachers can involve parents in the learning process#Thetitleonechat

4.What are the road blocks that prevents parents from communicating with their K12 principal #Thetitleonechat

5. How can parents open a positive line of communication with their k12 teacher #Thetitleonechat

6. What are the mutual areas where principals, teachers an parent's can work in children's reading #Thetitleonechat

7. What are the best sources of parent engagement information #Thetitleonechat

8. How can schools be supportive of a parent whose son/daughter is struggling with a course #Thetitleonechat

9. How can teacher instruction change to promote more student enthusiasm for learning #Thetitleonechat



7:00-8:00PM EST