Boston University

Dariya Duffie


Journalism students learn to report, write and produce news stories for a variety of media, newspapers and magazines, television, radio and the Internet. A student can specialize or work across all media.


Core requirements-

  1. Fundamentals of Journalism,
  2. Visual Journalism,
  3. Multimedia Journalism,
  4. Beat Reporting,
  5. History and Principles of Journalism,
  6. Media Law and Ethics.


  1. Broadcast Journalism
  2. Digital Lab
  3. International
  4. Magazines
  5. Narrative
  6. News
  7. Photo Journalism
  8. Public Policy
  9. Sports

Financial Aid

This may include university grants as well as a combination of funds from federal and states grants, federally subsidized and un-subsidized loans, and on-campus student employment.


There is only one scholarship offered in journalism here and it is the Peter Agris Memorial Scholarship. It is awarded annually to several Greek- Americans pursing studies in the fields of journalism.

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One Class, One Day: TV Journalism