Dates and Information

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I hope you are all having an amazing summer. You definitely deserved tons of rest and fun. Well it looks like our new year is right around the corner. Below you will find upcoming dates and news that you will need to know as you approach your return. I am so confident that this will be the best year ever.

New Spearman Family Members

I would like to welcome all of our new staff members here at Spearman. I know each of these individuals are going to make our awesome school even better as we make sure every child is successful.

  • Michelle Webb - Computer Lab
  • Josh Harrison - PE
  • Beth Owings - 2nd
  • Brenda Clayton - 2nd Grade
  • Katie Eskew - 3rd Grade
  • Victoria Schwartz - 3rd Grade
  • Anna Marshall - 4th Grade
  • Kristin Gunter - Instructional Technologist (for Wren High and feeder schools)


*Aug. 4
  • New Employee Meeting 11:00 am
*Aug. 5
  • PTO Meeting 6:30 pm
*Aug. 11-12
  • Cafeteria Workers Professional Development @ Spearman
*Aug. 12
  • Faculty and Staff return
  • Breakfast Served at 8:00 am
  • Opening Meeting 8:30 am
  • Lunch on your own
  • Work in your rooms remainder of the day
*Aug. 13
  • Staff Development 8:30 am
  • Lunch on your own
  • Work in your rooms the remainder of the day
*Aug. 14
  • District Opening Assembly @ Powdersville High School 8:30 am
  • Work in your rooms remainder of the day
  • Lunch Provided by PTO 12:00
  • Orientation 3:30-6:30 pm
*Aug. 15
  • Can come to work @ 10:00 am
  • Work in rooms
  • Gradebook Session with Ramona (all teachers) K4-2nd 1:15pm and 3rd-5th 2:00pm in computer lab
*Aug. 18
  • Students return
  • 8:00 am Boo Hoo Breakfast (for kindergarten parents)

*Aug. 12, 13 and 15 - You are welcome to wear jeans, comfortable clothes, shorts, etc. on these days. We will discuss the attire for the District Opening Meeting and our Orientation/ Meet the Teacher Night on Aug. 14.

iPad Initiative Information and Dates

It is an exciting time to be in Anderson School District One. I know we are all excited and a little anxious about all of the ipads that we will be using in our building. But we all know that the potential for our students is unlimited when we use these mobile devices to enhance the many great things we're already doing.

Here is some brief information and dates for you to be aware of and plan for:
  • The district will provided some opportunities for parents to learn about the iPad Intiative and all of the new policies and and expectations for using these devices.
  • Each 3rd-12th grade parent will have to attend an iPad Orientation and pay a $29 Protection Plan before their child can receive their iPad.


*Aug. 25 - Parent iPad Pep Rally 6:45 pm @ Wren Auditorium

*Aug. 26 - 3rd Grade Parent Night and Parent iPad Orientation 6:30 pm

*Aug. 28 - 4th Grade Parent Night and Parent iPad Orientation 6:30 pm

*Sept. 2 - 5th Grade Parent Night and Parent iPad Orienatation 6:30 pm

*Sept. 4 - We receive our ipads

*K4-2nd Grade Parent Nights TBA

Can't Wait to See You Soon!