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Land Oil Drilling Is Threatening Our Alaska :'(

Oil drilling. We all know how much we need oil for cars, machines, and other things. But how would you feel if an oil drill was in your backyard? Not many people would want to deal with the noise, or want to deal with the risk of an explosion near them. It's is bad enough in the ocean. Do we want to have to see little animals running around, turned black from oil. To risk losing precious lives that cannot be replaced?

Save Our Home! Don't You Remember Your Own?

What About The Good???

Oil rigs can create jobs, but the dangers they pose is much greater. Many Alaskans are happy and love what they do for a living, many live off the land and don't need much money. With people living off the land, how would they feel about oil rigs in their way? Think about that! Many don't need it and many don't want it.

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