World History Unit 2

Flying Threw World History

Origins and structure of :


  • The ideas of Socrates was to teach that education was the key to personal growth.
  • The impact of Socrates was he became one of the most important thinkers of the new era. Also he was an Athenian.
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  • Plato's ideas was that he believed the human senses could be fooled.
  • Plato, his impact was a wealthy , young aristocrat and the greatest of Socrates students.
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  • The ideas of Aristotle are he believed that If a male wanted to study that he should be able to pay a fee.
  • The impact of Aristotle was one of Plato's student In the Academy as a young man.
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  1. Describe cultural diffusion by Alexander the Great.

  • The answer is the spread of religion, he translated writing, and also was the fierce military leader.


  1. What was the impact of Julius and Augustus Caesar?
  • Augustus began a period known as the Pax Romania. (A Period Of Peace)
  • Julius was a powerful public speaker and general. He built a huge following.

Contributions of Culture.


  • The law was the wealthier you are the better you were treated as a person.
  • The gender of the Hellenistic was treated differently the rich were treated better.
  • The science of Hellenistic was that he calculated the value of pi (3.14)

Roman Culture

  • The law of the roman culture was to be Catholic.
  • The gender of the roman culture was everyone was the same.
  • The science of the roman culture was the influence on Muslim culture.


  1. Describe Greek and Roman Polytheism?
  • They believed that they had one god ,and they told stories of their beliefs.
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  1. What are origins of Christianity?
  • A religion based on more than one god; Monotheism where Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.


  1. How did Christianity spread to the roman world?
  • The Christians spoke out and told people about Christianity which sent Christianity flying around the globe.
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Questions ?

  1. What factors led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire?
  • The king chose his grandson to lead the empire, which caused a struggle for his grandson after his death. Plus others wanted to be in power and wanted to over throw him.
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