March 17th SA Meeting

Thursday from 4:45-6:30pm in URIS GO1

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We're all ears!

Have concerns, questions, events, or initiatives you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast them at our Open Mic session or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda

PDF of the Agenda

I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Open Microphone

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes of the March 9 Meeting

IV. Announcements and Reports

  1. Director of Elections Henderson - Elections Update
  2. At-Large Representative Li
  3. Representative Kaufman - University Assembly
  4. VP of Finance Stefanko - Appendix B Report
  5. VP of Outreach Indimine - Outreach

V. Initiatives

  1. Anabel's Grocery Update - Representatives Billington, Johnston, & Stefanko

VI. New Business

  1. Resolution 46: Indigenous People's Day
  2. Resolution 47: International Student Admissions and Financial Aid
  3. Resolution 48: Ban the Box
  4. Resolution 49: Reducing Academic Work Assigned Over Break

VII. Executive Session

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Events Spotlight

Wednesday 3/16:

-ILR Union Days, 4:30-6:30pm, 105 Ives Hall

-Senior Days: Take a Study Break with the Senior Class, 7-9pm, Klarman Hall

Thursday 3/17:

-Student Assembly Meeting, and y'all better be there, 4:45-6:30pm, Uris Hall G01

-Queer Undergraduate Social, 4-6pm, Bear's Den

Friday 3/18:

-A3C Social Hour: Reception with RICE Magazine, 5-7pm, Asian & Asian American Center

-Dairy Day, 5:30-7:30pm, Livestock Pavillion

-CCSA Presents: Taste of the Caribbean, Ujamaa, 6pm

-BreakFree Workshop Series, 7-8pm, Helen Newman Classroom

-Julius Caesar, 8pm, Risley Theater

-CUFSC Skate Night, 8-10pm, CUFSC Skate Night

-Big Red Carnival, 9-11:30pm, Barton Hall

Saturday 3/19:

-South Asian Shaadi, 8pm, G10 Biotech

-Diversity & Inclusion, 10:30-1:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall

-International Heritage Fest, 12-3:30pm, RPCC

-3 Pointers for Colon Cancer (with Phi Sigma Sigma and Zeta Psi), 4-6pm, Noyes Rec Center

-Elegant Winter Party, 7:30pm, WSH Memorial Room

-Chai On Life, 8:30pm, Call Auditorium

Sunday 3/20:

-International Women's Day, 12pm, Clark Atrium

-ALANA E-Board Election, 1pm, GSH Kaufman Auditorium

-Pakistani Film Dukhtar, 4:30pm, Cornell Cinema

-Worthy 2016: Experience Palm Sunday, 7-8pm, Bailey Hall

-Dorm Room Dinners: Pizza Edition, 7-8pm, MVR Cooking Lab

-Big Red Raas Presents: Mad Scientist, 7:30-8:30pm, Barnes Hall

Monday 3/21:

-Mental Health in Minority Spaces, 6-7:30pm, G10 Biotech

Diversity Innovation Fund - Deadline March 18

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The Diversity Innovation Fund is a $12,500 fund established by the Diversity Committee of the Student Assembly to promote sustainable approaches and services to make Cornell University a more accessible and/or inclusive campus.

For more information, please see the website. The application can be accessed here.

The final day to turn in an application is March 18 at 11:59 pm.